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  :: Professors Beyond Borders began as a special project of the Fulbright New Century Scholars 2009-2010 focused on water and sustainable development. As an independent, non-governmental action network of academics and professionals, we engage with real world problems that impact quality of life in diverse communities.  
what we offer

We offer academics of our global community the ability to organize their individual experiences and expertise into a greater effort wherever there is a recognized need and workable problem set.

We work as volunteers outside of our countries and institutional roles, using our knowledge to impact communities by providing our expertise in program implementation and effectiveness, as well as disseminating knowledge of tools, techniques, technologies and resources.

our challenge

The efforts of our outreach are concentrated on initiatives critical to long-term success. Although the challenges worldwide are great, we believe we can have a positive impact through the deliberate and consistent intervention of caring individuals and experts.

how we can achieve our goal
Our vision is for a secure global village for all. This entails problem-based knowledge creation, innovation in context; and mapping of expertise to community needs and ground realities using globally developed technological expertise and local knowledge on content and context. The paradigm is that operative in Mind to Market or Lab to Land initiatives.
We maintain regional and international networking to improve the effectiveness of the facilities. The economies of networking are made possible by giving priority for expansions of capability and capacity.
We help provide adequate long-term infrastructure support to ensure the success of events.
We assist with developing a strong business case based on measured need within the region and should outline expected relationships with existing resources in the region.
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